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Are you feeling like...

 Your engagement should be higher
 Instagram is too time-consuming & frustrating
 It's impossible to make REAL money on Instagram

Wanting to put all that in your rear view mirror?

Let's talk through this first.

I won't lie to you, this program is a commitment. If you have questions before you're ready to commit, I'm more than happy to answer them for you. 

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 Lifetime Access to Training Videos
 Four 1:1 Coaching Calls with Kristen
 Access to Our Community of Students
 Email Access to Our Team for Questions
 Printable/Digital Resources [BONUS]
 Exclusive Trainings with Industry Experts [BONUS]

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Take a look at what our students have said...

"I didn't know what I was doing, and now I feel like I'm in charge of my page."

Eliza Thulson
Mental Health Influencer

"I've noticed a lot of growth recently with the help of your tips!"

Lisa Neale
Creative Photography Influencer

"I understand my value and feel good about my content because I learned to market myself with confidence!"

Ashley Magid
Lifestyle Influencer

I was just like YOU..

Feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated with the app..

It was hard for me to even log on some days.

I felt like I could never keep up, wasn't pleasing my audience, and wasn't ever going to make REAL money.

Plus, the ever-changing algorithm had me feeling at a loss..

There has to be a better way.

Let me help you

because I KNOW you can do it.

Impact to Income Mentorship Program

>>    You'll learn how to create a loyal following that finds value in your content.

>>    Loyalty = engagement. And brands love to hire those with an audience who CARES.

>>    Avoid feeling like you're in a never-ending rat race that is the Instagram algorithm.

>>    Quit your damn day job and take your profile full time doing what you love every single day.

All you need is a solid strategy.

Why is strategy so important?


I was in your shoes, and now I have $15k
months via just sponsored posts.

You'll feel fulfilled, excited, and will look
forward to the time you spend on the app.

Plus, you'll be able to pay your bills
and live a life of freedom.

YOU will be your boss.

All you need to do is have a plan
& that's where I come in.


Enroll Now for $597


 Make real money with your content

 Work with brands you've only dreamed about

 Live a life of freedom as your own boss

Wondering what's included?

Take a peek inside..


Purpose, Goal-Setting & Branding

There's no growth + monetization without a clear purpose, goals, and branding.

What does it include:

  A deep dive into your purpose, goals, and target audience

 Defining of your target audience so you know who you're creating content for

 Setting of Instagram, business, and mindset goals to track throughout the program

 Strategies on how to create strong, engaging content that will generate interaction

kajabi template
kajabi template


Visuals & Planning

Streamline your planning process and create stunning visuals your audience and potential brand partners will swoon over.

What does it include:

 Resources and tips on how to organize and plan content/shoots in advance

The how-to on effectively creating high-quality, engaging visual content

 The secret to crafting the perfect caption

 Logistical tutorials about getting your content out to the right people at the right time


Growth + Engagement

Learn how to create more genuine connections with your audience and potential new followers.

What does it include:

 Major info of how to make hashtags actually work

 The secret sauce to boosting your engagement for in-feed posts

 The best ways to engage with your audience and potential followers.

 Best practices for Instagram Stories + Instagram Reels

kajabi template
kajabi template


Turning Your Instagram
Into a Business

You put so much time into your content and your audience, it only makes sense you should be paid for your work.

What does it include:

 Everything you need to know about crafting the perfect pitch email

 How to set your rates & be confident in the value you bring to the table

 The secret to getting comfortable with contracts and negotiation

 The nitty-gritty legal things you need to know to protect your biz

Maybe you're wondering...

And if you order now I'll throw in these extra...



Printable/Digital Resources

Your education is not complete without some resources you can use digitally or print to enhance the learning experience and help streamline your process.

$600 Value


Panels with Industry Experts

You'll get first dibs and lifetime free access to all seminars including industry experts multiple times per year.

$400 Value

Hey there, I'm Kristen 


I graduated from FIT, and immediately started my own biz. I had success there, but I ended up realizing it wasn't my passion

I sold that business for ~$100k and decided it was the perfect excuse to try my hand at social media.

After struggling and having a hard time making ACTUAL money on the 'gram, I almost gave up, but I continued educating myself and eventually was able to sustain my lifestyle just from Instagram about a year later.


✓ You get paid to travel.

✓ Brands are paying you to wear their clothes.

✓ You're creating content that lives in ads, magazines, and even billboards.


For only $597 you get all this:

 Lifetime Access to Training Videos
 Four 1:1 Coaching Calls with Kristen
 Access to Our Community of Students
 Email Access to Our Team for Questions
 Printable/Digital Resources [BONUS]
 Exclusive Trainings with Industry Expaerts [BONUS]

Total Value = $4,200+
Today's price = $597

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